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3rd Year Student update

November 23, 2011 Leave a comment

All 3rd Year Students, please download the roster for minding YOUR Studio Exhibition for the 2nd and 3rd of December :

download – Studio Sitting Roster

Also, tomorrow (Thursday 24th Nov),  you will need to add the dimensions of all works that have been entered on the Excel document open on the first computer in the Digital lab.

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November 17, 2011 Leave a comment

ALL Third Year students are required to be on Campus this coming Monday, 21st November.

We will meet in the Screenprinting Room @ 9.30 sharp. We need to cover registering of your Artworks for the Gallery and Studio shows, and begin the installation of the Studio Show………. At this point only your Drawing works and materials should have been removed from the assessment areas. NO print related material should have been removed!!!!!

See you there…………….. take a deep breath guys – WE WILL GET THERE!!!! Keep the faith.


October 18, 2011 Leave a comment

ALL PRINTMAKING STUDENTS (2nd Year, 3rd Year and Honours) – there is a meeting this Thursday 20th October in The Gallery @ 12.30pm.

Katie Dyer and others will be walking you through the procedures for The UG and PostG shows. It is important you are all in attendance.

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ALL Printmaking Students

September 14, 2011 Leave a comment

image courtesy, Art_of_Bookbinding_p160_Leo's_Finishing_Press

For your attention, please download the information sheet for the End of the Year (Week 27 onwards). It provides the scheduling of assessments and exhibitions etc. for 2nd, 3rd Year and Honours students.

End of Year 2011 STUDENTS INFO


Week 24 –

Wednesday 14th Sept 10am…….. Dr. John Di Stefano | Postgraduate Coordinator will speak with you in the 2nd Year Studio about Honours as an option for future pathways of study.

Thursday 15th Sept 9.30am….. you will be presenting your paired Honours student in the Red Theatre. Please be on time.


Week 24 –

Thursday 15th Sept 9.30am…… 3rd Years will be presenting your works/research in the Red Theatre. Please be on time.

Week 25 –

Thursday 22nd Sept…… there will be no formal class session. Peter Burgess will be available should you wish individual consultation relating to the end of year exhibition, your paper etc.

Week 26 –

Thursday 13th Oct……. will be the final session with Maureen Burns from 2pm onwards in the Honours Studio. She will meet with you on an individual basis to discuss your final draft paper. You will need to send your final draft to Peter Burgess by 8pm Friday 7th Oct. (this is the last day of the Spring Break). Timetabling of your meetings is below :

Sue – 2pm

Gloria -2.30pm

Bui – 3.00pm

3.30-4.00pm – Break

Fiona – 4.00pm

Peter – 4.30pm

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YEAR BOOK PHOTOGRAPHY – 3rd Years and Honours – Week 24

September 2, 2011 Leave a comment

Could ALL 3rd Year and Honours students please download the information sheet below. The document covers all the relevant information regarding the Year Book Photo Shoot that will be conducted during Week 24 (Tues 13th – Fri 16th Sept, 8-5 pm)

Year Book Photography Info For Students

The schedule for shooting will be posted in the Honours and 3rd Year Studios.

Please direct all questions to David Richards who is the co-ordinator of this event.

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ALL !!!! 3rd Year and Honours students – IMPORTANT !!!

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

To All 3rd Year and Honours students :

There will be a meeting this Thursday 18th August to cover essential information on the adapted changes that will be implemented for the future operation of the Studio.  It is important ALL students attend.

We will start @ 9.30 sharp. Please be on time. Location: 2nd Year Studio.

After the meeting, the morning session will be given over to time where 3rd Year students can confer with their paired Honours student to conclude their preperation for presentation.

HONOURS : Unfortunately Maureen Burns is ill, so her Workshop on your paper preperation (scanning, doc prep, layout, citing, referencing, quotations etc) will take place next week in the Digital lab, Thursday 25th from 2pm on.

3rd YEARS : Tomorrow’s class (Wed 17th) will start in the Digital Lab @ 9.30.

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HONOURS +Nonna, +Ian – Weeks 16 & 17

July 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi Guys,

………. time to get back to work, work, work!!!! Hope the break was productive for you all.

Week 16, Thursday (22nd) will start off with a Monoprint Workshop conducted by Brenda Tye. Brenda is an artist very well versed in Monoprinting, Printmaking in general and as a Collaborator in Print Processes.


The Workshop will run from 9.30-12.30 in the 2nd Year Etching Studio.

You will need to bring along a selection of brushes, oil paints (if you have any) and some Fine Art paper – all other necessary materials will be provided. Please be on time!!!! Please!!!!

Week 17, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th, Helen, Scott, Simon and myself will be off on an excursion/adventure to Bathurst and Hill End with 3rd Year students.

On Thursday 28th, a Workshop on Copy Stand Usage has been arranged and will be conducted by Photography’s mighty Damian Dillon. Damian is very experienced in using and demonstrating the equipment and process.

Could you meet Damian @ 10pm outside the 1st Year Studio area. Please be on time. The Workshop will be conducted in the mezzanine area (in the process of becoming Digital Production and Output). You will need to bring along an A4 sized (approx.) work on paper that you can digitally photograph.

For a quick ‘get acquainted’, see :

Nonna and Ian – you are more than welcome and are encouraged to attend any Workshops that will be conducted this semester.

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